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This blog was created to document inconsistencies in the reports of the school shootings.  There are many conflicting stories about what really happened that day and it’s important to document all of this early on before news reports disappear.  At this point this event appears to be nothing more than a complete media fabrication.  None of the families viewed the victims’ bodies to properly identify them.  No DNA or dental records were compared to the victims.  This is unheard of and unrealistic.  There are at least half a dozen conflicting stories about what occurred in the school and I don’t see any journalists digging into this to find out what really happened.  We haven’t seen any video footage from the school or photos from the scene.  Many of the parents of the victims appear to be acting.  Something is seriously wrong and people should be very concerned.

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3 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Truth

  1. Blue Moon

    Here’s the link to NBC on-line with a report of another school rampage, this time at a college in Texas- The rampage started around 11AM, of course- No blood on the victims, chopper shots with no context- But the biggest laugh is the name of the reporter on site: Janet SHAMLIAN- (I kid you not)…

    1. ab Post author

      As in a “sham” and “lying” I suppose. It’s getting hard to keep up with the nonsense.

  2. Gabriel

    Any time I see Sandy Hook it really angers me. I guess I am hung up on those that participated and played actors in the event. Those people must have no conscience. How can you possibly rationalize that playing in this fakery event is a good thing? The consequences only hurt your fellow citizens. Is money that important? I’ve seen their faces and I would recognize them anywhere. Is being relegated to a secret island or hidden in society worth selling out your fellow citizens? What I have learned is that most everyone is good. There are almost no people that would hurt another. Yet, there seems to be some segment of our world that sell out and are good with it. It just sickens me there are people like that. You Sandy Hook actors, do you think you will be safe? Are you just not dispensable? Would love to hear your side?


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