Holocaust Day

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On the power structure: Henry Makow with an always provacative look at TPTB. Not sure if I like the term Illuminati though.

Aggressors always pretend to be innocent victims, and pretend
the real victims are the aggressors. The perpetuates this meme.
It convinces the real victims, the goyim, that they are 0;bullies”
if they resist the real aggressors, the Illuminati’s Jewish and fronts. 


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5 thoughts on “Holocaust Day

    1. larry

      Or I’ll find out now. Funny how my whole world is turned upside down from 3 years ago. I once adhered to holocuastianity. Ab always says “9-11, the biggest hoax of our time”. I think the holohoax is the biggest. It’s still current with ever more draconian censorship. “The hoax of the 20th century” by Butz is still a good information source despite it’s age. Another good info source is: codoh.com/

  1. aral sea

    The Talmud is often referred to in attacking Judaism but is not the only source of their teachings. In fact the Torah is the original text of Judaism and eventually Christianity.

    The Talmud is a central text of Rabbinic Judaism, considered second to the Torah.

    The Torah is The Law of God (first 5 books of the Bible – Old Testament) and can encompass other teaching scripts as well.

    The Christian names for the books are derived from the Greek Septuagint and reflect the essential theme of each book:

    Genesis: “origin”
    Exodus: Exodos, “going out”
    Leviticus: Leuitikos, “relating to the Levites”
    Numbers: Arithmoi, contains a record of the numbering of the Israelites in the wilderness of Sinai and later on the plain of Moab.
    Deuteronomy: Deuteronomion, “second law””second law”, refers to the fifth book’s recapitulation of the commandments reviewed by Moses before his death.

  2. banazir2980

    I think a show ought to be dedicated to what the “Jews” (Kahzars, Isrealis whatever you want to call them) are indeed up to. Whenever they come up the topic seems to get overshadowed by their supposed overrule by the Jesuits. Be that as it may their influence felt far and wide is a result of “The Holocaust” (TM 1978) which allows them to do what they do.


    Whether real or not this “organization” carrying on unabated depends on this great lie. If the rug can be pulled out from underneath them their greatest weapon will be destroyed. Once they scurry away the real “THEY” will have to administer a new front.

    Sure they are the public face of the “real” enemy (blogs.jta.org/philanthropy/art…) but they too are a powerful foe. Just a thought

    1. aral sea

      I recently watched the entire 1978 “The Holocaust” TV miniseries on youtube. I think it had two main purposes. To coincide with the 30th anniversary of Israel (1948-1978) and establish a definite official Holocaust narrative (Nazi Germans all evil scum, Jews passive victims with few resisting).

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