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Nuke warning system in Toronto

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Toronto’s nearest nuclear plant (50km from its downtown core) now has a few sirens to scare people.Of course, the tests are three minutes long (trinity) and there are 11 sirens.

Nuclear power plant symbol in 2D

Nuclear power plant symbol in 2D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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More subliminal nuke fear

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Putting death, earthquakes and nuclear into one story has one purpose: injecting fear into the subliminal. Add a dose of Iran and that furthers the message. A healthy dose of occultic numbers in this story relieve us of there being any chance the story is real.

Quake hits near Iran’s nuclear city Bushehr, four dead – Yahoo! News Canada ca.news.yahoo.com/6-3-magnitud…


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Nuke back and forth

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The best part of the ‘net is the ease in which one can collate and compare photos and news stories. One would think the perps would do the same to maintain a consistent lie but then again mixed signals are the essence of disinformation.

Here Simon illustrates the back and forth of nuclear reactors, which I believe are a giant hoax.

“I didn’t really come to it until recently.”

If Gregory Jaczko is anyone to go by, something odd is currently going on in the nuclear power sector…

General World Affairs • Re: Nuclear Reactors www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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