Stop theorizing!

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Clearly a message being sent to anyone even thinking of investigating these . Arrest a simBlogger from a simStory. Shucks they didn’t even post links. Simsationalist!

Kevin Michael Purfield, 45, of Oregon, is accused of contacting relatives of the Aurora, Colorado, victims through telephone calls, email and social media networks, police in Portland and Aurora said.

harassed Aurora shooting victims’ families, cops say – U.S. News…


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3 thoughts on “Stop theorizing!

  1. JohnnyClues

    “Jansen Young And The Aurora “James Holmes” Alleged Shooting (ahem) Hoax”

    A Johnny Clues Dissection

    IMO – These 2 Liars, The Propaganda Teller And This Jansen Young Character are in front of

    a greenscreen, the backround and these 2 people just dont blend together well at all, sure, add some

    backround noise to put the illusion that they are where they claim, but Johnny isn’t buying it.

    @:29 – “…the hardest part is realizing this is real i guess you know?…” (sorry, i’m not buying it
    your “so called” acting skills are failing you miserably)

    @:55 – “…there is a gunman, he is shooting, this is real…” (more nonstop propaganda, she is trying to
    convince the public and herself of her lies)

    @1:04 – “… i would think it’s real for a minute and then i would kinda change my mind and by no, this can’t be
    real, these people are acting..” ( go with the latter you sellout)

    @2:26 “…he knew immediately that it was real…” (more reassuring the viewers that she is not a liar…which is
    very far from the truth)

    @2:56 – “…a whole bunch of wetness everywhere and i started to thinking like, this is, this is definetely,
    that’s a water balloon, that’s too much….wet…” (laughable)

    @3:15 – “… and it was blood…”(reinforcing the lie)

    @3:18 – “…and i didn’t know that till after obviously i’d gotten out…” ( ahem, Bullshit)

    @3:33 – “…I think so (laughs)…”

    @6:36 – “…I can’t even fathom it….” ( Fathom – A Creepy Uncle Gene Rose word from the sandy hook Hoax)

    Your acting skills are terrible, and of course zero tears shed, just typical bad acting you should be ashamed
    of yourself little girl, your parents must be quite proud of your whoring lies. – IMO

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