Rehtaeh Parsons Hoax

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One’s natural instinct is to feel bad and demand a reaction from your rulers, ie. the government in the case of a tragedy. A hoax researcher’s first reaction is to call bullshit, and this little ditty has all the hallmarks of being fake. It’s been about 6 months since the Amanda Todd Hoax -so perhaps the public needs a refresher. Notice this event is on the exact opposite side of the country.

Amanda Todd Hoax | Ab Irato

Check the video in the link of the “mother” of this vicSim. Her matter of fact demeanor and her description of “cutting down her daughter” who apparently hanged herself is beyond emotionless.

Same old patterns:

  • bullied to the point of suicide
  • Went through health system to remedy situation
  • school System let her down
  • justice system lets her down
  • out of school system so school can’t comment
  • pictures taken and circulated
  • heartless school (students) continued to taunt and abandon her
  • donation system set up – including the SPCA????

A Nova Scotia teen took her own life after she was raped by four boys and then endured a year-and-a-half of bullying by her schoolmates, the girl’s mother says.

Leah Parsons says her daughter Rehtaeh attempted suicide last Thursday and was taken off life support Sunday evening.

N.S. teen took her own life after rape, bullying, mother says | CTV News.

Other oddities: her name is “Heather” spelled backwards.


Her facebook page, as per psyOp protocol, is up immediately, complete with mother’s manifesto.

Her facebook “relatives” have contrived looking profiles and photographs. There is some believable depth to them – these psyOps are planned months or years in advance so much time is spent building vicRelative personas.…

Now, I’ve mentioned this before – is teen suicide, rape, and bullying a real problem in Canada – and therefore worth creating a fake event – a – to make legislation and laws? Does the end justify the means?

My answer is NO. What’s yours?

Noble lie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


It’s hard to believe fakery when the PM chimes in on a fake case. Is it possible he doesn’t get to know of the fakery? Unlikely. His simple commenting on the hoax makes the cognitive dissonance even stronger. Those that rule over us aren’t fooling around.…

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says as a father he is “sickened” by the alleged events that led to the death of 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons.



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2 thoughts on “Rehtaeh Parsons Hoax

  1. Gabriel

    I’m disgusted by these stories. I have to admit I fell for the Natalee Holloway story and actually wrote a letter and sent a check to help the parents. At the time my wife was all engrossed with the story and so I had to watch. We watched Nancy Grace almost every night. I really thought Natalee was real and her parents were suffering. They cashed the check. Now I realize Natalee was a fictitious person. I want my money back. That said, I now know these are fake stories. I went to college and all the way through MBA school. I never, not once knew someone that was hurt by another person. Certainly at the schools I attended there were no rapes. There were probably the people were too drunk to know what they were doing and something happened, but never some group gang bang. People do not operate that way. In only the rarest of circumstances would that happen. We all know that if that happened it would ruin their lives. I know no one that would be part of that. This story is as fake as Natalee. The bad guys try to make seem its a world filled with degenerates. I doubt that. I have never met anyone that would intentionally hurt another person. And they certainly would not do it when it has such a prolific embarrassment as rape and subsequent trial and jail. We are given a story that is not reality.

    1. Tom

      I’m not going to disagree with you on everything, but I actually knew a girl who this had happened to. There are people who are definitely capable of this horrible shit.


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