Intertwined psyOps

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The imaginations run wild of those that create the side stories of the two biggest since WW2.

Rarely seen photos of John F Kennedy, once feared to have been lost forever when the World Trade Center was destroyed on , form part of a striking exhibition opening Friday which aims to shed new light on the iconic US leader.

From the ashes of 9/11, a portrait of John F Kennedy emerges – The Economic Times…

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1 thought on “Intertwined psyOps

  1. Gabriel

    Anxious to see those rare photos. That said JFK has probably lived a wonderful life after starring in the shooting that shocked the world. Growing up my ex-wife and her parents always questioned Oswald and grassy knoll. I was still in psyop land and made fun of them for questioning things. Now I am on the other side that they would not believe. I doubt they would believe JFK is still alive or led a wonderful life and passed by now. You sense the character of people and JFK came across as good and decent. He was a fantastic actor. How they made up his history and made it real was so convincing. I am sure he and Jacky are liars and hoaxed us all. Its just so disgusting.


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