Pathetic rape hoax template

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How many times do people have to hear the exact same story before they realize they are being hoaxed? The internet makes it easy to compare and collate worldwide. So why are the so brazenly similar? Is it laziness or simple to drill the exact same message?

Eight days after allegedly being sexually battered while passed out at a party, and then humiliated by online photos of the assault, 15-year-old Audrie Pott posted on Facebook that her life was ruined, 0;worst day ever,” and hanged herself.…

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2 thoughts on “Pathetic rape hoax template

  1. Gabriel

    Its a lame story. In college I was in a fraternity and we often had socials with sororities. We all got hammered but I never once saw anyone take advantage of another person. All of these fake rapes are made up to make it seem as though there are lots of people taking advantage of others. I do not know anyone that would do this yet the “news” pushes it on us all the time as some ongoing issue. Imagine if someone really did rape a woman. He would be locked up and gone forever. Probably not happening.

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