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Creating a culture of fear

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Macow doesn’t speak to media fakery, but I agree with the principles he lists to create fear and gnaw away people’s resistance to security and control (Fabian method of war). Israel is the model for the recreated America. “Inventing Danger” – An Illuminati Tool henrymakow.com/181102.html

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April is psyop month

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Leave additional entries in comments. April is a busy month.
Boston Marathon-April 15/2013
Virginia Tech-April 16/07

US Embassy Beirut-April 18/83
Waco-April 19/93
Oklahoma City-April 19/95 (9:02)
Columbine-April 20/99
Hitler bday/”death”-April 20/30 89/45

Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig exploded-April 20, 2010 killing 11 workers and starting an oil spill that left the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast devastated.

Superheroes everywhere

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Still don’t think Boston was staged? Still don’t see how your media IS Hollywood, owned by the same military intelligence?

Wake up people, you are being played. This is another 9/11 light.

Media completely managed, most likely preproduced anytime in the past. Review this site’s blue/greenscreen posts on how they recreate imagery on soundstages.

It’s not difficult and getting better every year.

Hoaxbusters on the Boston Marathon Hoax

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Chris Kendall has a new blog centered around his Hoaxbusters show.

Hoax Busters Call: Columbine and Synchronized Fakery: The Hollywood, News Media Continuum.

Last night’s show talked about the Boston Marathon Psyop – amusing that Chris didn’t even know about it until his callers let him know!

Last night’s audio recording – Hoaxbusters episode 109


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