Boston blood and guts

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Boston Marathon – alleged “terror attack” – April 15, 2013 •

Michael Moore asked for blood and guts (from the ) – and he got it here in spades in the Hoax.

You don’t need to be a trauma surgeon to realize that if a limb is blown off you have about 24 seconds before your heart pumps most of your blood out the exposed vein. At that point you go into shock and won’t be able to sit up and get pushed around in a wheelchair.

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1 thought on “Boston blood and guts

  1. Elizabeth

    You mentioned wheel chair… and one of the many things that I have found VERY odd about the whole AFTERMATH… is the amount of wheelchairs that were being pushed all over the place… Why were so many available? And … I have seen plenty of events with major catastrophe where the area is cleared to make way for first responders VEHICLES … WHY are there no ambulances driven closer to the area affected? Why are so many people walking around in the street nonchalant, as if to be meandering through a zoo or museum … where are all the camo clad NATIONAL GUARDS that are supposed to be trained for war zones, and were supposed to be there? Where are all the photo’s of the SECOND explosion? I am sure that there were IPHONES and ANDROIDS in that area too! I have only seen one photo with a child, appeared to be a mother whisking a small child away (maybe 3 or 4 years old) … both looked to be unharmed…but its Sunday, no school… major yearly event … where are ALL the children in these photos?

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