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Wonder if Steven Rosenbaum (from the amateur video rabbit hole) will be called in to consult?

Police and federal agents appealed to the public Tuesday for amateur video and photos that might yield clues to the Boston Marathon bombing as the chief FBI agent in Boston vowed “we will go to the ends of the Earth” to find whoever carried out the deadly attack.

via FBI Seeks Images in Boston Marathon Bomb Inquiry |

Refresh yourself on the whole amateur footage scam:….


There may be one easy way to find out just how the planners impeded any genuine, private footage to be captured or/and to prevent any such footage to leak out to the public: ask Steven Rosenbaum.

Remember that these are based on a template. Once more, this is why 9/11 is such an important psyOp to understand. History does repeat itself – over and over and over again. Yet people still don’t get it!

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