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Daycare psyOps

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IF this and last week’s Quebec daycare event are faked -and they certainly show evidence of being fake – then it is clear the government is pushing hard to eliminate small private daycares.

Child died from strangulation on first day at unlicensed Coquitlam daycare, court hears.


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Amputee actors

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More Revelation of the Method?

Make sure all you know that are not aware of fakery watch this vid before looking at the exsanguination shots.



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You do NOT need to be a doctor to know that an injury like this:


will kill you in minutes. The readers at CF dug up some documents to help convince the hard of thinking:



Click to access Aortic_Compression_paper.pdf


Click to access tccc_dorlac_isolated_civilian_penetrating_extremity_j_trauma_2005.pdf

Following up on the “Jeff Bauman Jr” fairytale www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic…., as I already understood that severing any main artery Carotid, Aortic or Femoral is fatal without instant intervention, I wanted to confirm exactly how long it takes for the body to exsanguinate from such an injury.

via Boston Marathon – alleged “terror attack” – April 15, 2013 • Cluesforum.info.

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Revelation of the Method – or coincidence?

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They were drilling for the Boston psyOp years ago.


boston drill



Remembering WACO with fertilizer event

likes this

waco fert

This is a full press month – here’s an event to remind you of the WACO psyOp, complete with your occult numerology.

Full court press, baby.

Texas fertilizer plant explosion: Unknown number killed, many injured in blast | Toronto Star.


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