Ep38-Boston Marathon PsyOp

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audio_mp3_buttonep38-Boston Marathon Psyop

Showtime: Saturday, April 20, 2013  9:11pm

We talk with Robin Fisher and Simon Shack.

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20 thoughts on “Ep38-Boston Marathon PsyOp

  1. Benito

    I anticipated that you might be talking about, I mean (covered) the “Boston Psy-op”.

    I’ve down loaded the file and will listen to it tomorrow.

    This one is a pretty obvious “False Flag”, but the way the brothers have been treated and already condemned as the perpetrators by our lying global officialdom is very, very disturbing.

    Really, what has happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

    Good on you Ab and guests for illuminating the subject.

  2. columjaddica

    Let me know if that screencap is too hard to read. It turned it into a jpg but I have a lossless PNG available.

  3. columjaddica

    Some of the media companies directly involved in the psyop have been identified. There were blatantly obvious clues left in the scenes. I’m not sure if it is simple cockiness, part of the psyop (divide and conquer? smoke us out?), or simply advertising for the companies involved (directed at the elite in the know). Two of the companies are pretty new, Plum Productions only recently started releasing promotional materials on Youtube.


    Read the whole screenshot, it is pretty interesting (outside of the shill posts). The information can all be verified online, as far as I know the social media profiles and whatnot have not been scrubbed.


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