We do the Boston Hoax

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Ep38-Boston Marathon PsyOp | radio.abirato.info.

A long night discussing with Simon Shack and Robin – complete with a few sound effects for your aural pleasure.

Here’s a good vid:

1 thought on “We do the Boston Hoax

  1. Blue Moon

    Great show, especially when that Vegas cat appeared late and summed up with surgical precision why it’s so hard to get people to wake up: EGO! I’d put it this way- A man has precious few emotional resources and when he spends some of it on backing a foolish proposition, one cannot use actual facts, cold logic and rhetorical weapons against the emotional armor he’s protecting himself with- The man gets defensive in the face of contradictory evidence and its advocates-He will double down on his resistance- His remaining emotions rally to protect the original investment and temperatures rise- Eventually, he may come around, but it has to be on his terms, alone and in his own sweet time- Sometimes-

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