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Rehtaeh Parsons Hoax – the laws

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The Hegelian dialectic has three parts Problem/Reaction/SOLUTION

As with all psyOps or media hoaxes, you often have to wait a while for the solution to help make its purpose clear.

The family of Rehtaeh Parsons made an emotional plea to bring criminal consequences for those who share sexually explicit images without the consent of the subject.

via Rehtaeh Parsons’ parents meet Stephen Harper, make plea for changes to Criminal Code | Toronto Star.

Do you really want laws passed because of fake events, promoted by actors – even it is a noble lie? Is this why you vote? Is this the Canada you want to live in?

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Abirato supercops pic

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Did up a little image for y’all to spread at whatever place on the internet you please. This image is perhaps the most staged and therefore iconic photoshopped pic of the entire Boston Marathon Hoax.

It features the front lines of the media elite who bring us these media hoax psyops. They are the same group time and time again. Of the 350 million good Americans, they can only find these “journalists” to tell us what’s going on?

Heck, even this new guy in Bismark, ND could do a better job.


Leg Psyop season distraction Oscar Pistorius

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The man with no legs below the knee continues to entertain us with more of more of his alleged shooting case.

Is this all to reinforce the Boston Hoax?

They know how to mess with our subconcious. They know it works.


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Legs are psyop theme of the season

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Broken, blown up and bloodied legs are everywhere these days.

Is this predictive programming? Is this a real injury? Where’s the blood?  Is the lack of blood meant to condition viewers to the future Boston Marathon Hoax not to expect lots (up to 6l) of blood when a leg is blown off?

Is the below video faked?

Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware breaks leg – YouTube

Ht Markus for reminding me on last Hoaxbusters call.

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