Legs are psyop theme of the season

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Broken, blown up and bloodied legs are everywhere these days.

Is this predictive programming? Is this a real injury? Where’s the blood?  Is the lack of blood meant to condition viewers to the future Boston Hoax not to expect lots (up to 6l) of blood when a leg is blown off?

Is the below video faked?

Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware breaks leg – YouTube

Ht Markus for reminding me on last Hoaxbusters call.

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1 thought on “Legs are psyop theme of the season

  1. Blue Moon

    Here’s a link to traumatic sports injuries of note (I imagine you are familiar with Clint Malarchuk’s brush with death) www.ibtimes.com/kevin-wares-br… (Sometimes blood flow is impeded by certain injuries, for what its worth)
    And here’s a particularly egregious vid of one of the unconvincing vicsims (Take note of the fact that she’s apparently lost a foot but the human simulacrum hosting the segment keeps saying it’s the leg) www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly1Oyy…
    (This is probably nothing but there is a Haslett Marathon service station in Missouri- Marathon being an oil company of some sort)


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