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Controlling the message

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English: V. I. Lenin Français : V. I. Lénine -...

English: V. I. Lenin Français : V. I. Lénine – révolutionnaire et homme politique russe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since most of my readers agree that media fakery has created the Boston Marathon Hoax – including the simTerrorists – you might wonder why their actorMother is propagating the concept.

It’s a simple concept of controlling the message by discrediting the messenger. Because this “mother” has an ax to grind in this case – defending her vic-son at any cost – of course she’s going to call the whole event a hoax.

This relieves the inquiring mind of any further investigation into this very well done psyOp.

As Lenin said, if you want to control the opposition – you must lead it. This is is just another example.


EXCLUSIVE: Boston Suspects Mom Says Bombing Was A Hoax!! – YouTube.

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