Ep39-More Boston Marathon Hoax

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Showtime: Saturday, April 27, 2013 9:11pm

I’m almost done with the – but I figure the listenership isn’t.

Guest Banazir from Vancouver, B.C. will join me. Callers are welcome.

We’re joined by Robin, Jan Erik, Aral Sea, Bill LifePsyop, and Edmund Matthews.

Later in the call we talk about evolution and – it’s amazing how investigating truth evolves into exposing some of the biggest lies (theories)




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20 thoughts on “Ep39-More Boston Marathon Hoax

  1. Christopher Marlowe

    (Greg?) was referring to the Michelson-Morley experiment. One of the possible conclusions of that experiment was that the earth was not moving.

    One of the first explanations of Michelson-Morley was the Lorentz transformations. Then the relativity theory basically was a derivation of Lorentz. (I am by no means an expert on this stuff, but I think this is a good explanation of the big picture.)

    I liked listening to Greg shut down the English guy’s evolution theories. I thought that the English guy gave a very inspiring view of Jesus towards the end of the show.

    1. I_Gestalta

      Let us also not forget to mention “Airy’s Failure”. I wonder why there are no youtube videos of amateur-to-professional astronomers and astrophysicists replicating this experiment. (I am being facetious).

  2. Jan Erik

    Article 133 – Government
    Canon 1376

    Government is a term used to define a body possessing executive power and authority to make and enforce laws to manage and administer an aggregate of people of a given society.
    Canon 1377

    The term Government was first invented at the Jesuit College of English in the late 16th Century, then delivered through the guise of the Shakespeare portfolio as part of the introduction of the world’s first Mind Influence System that eventually replaced physical slavery with (voluntary) slavery of the mind. The word Government is derived from three (3) Latin words ago meaning “to manage, to drive”, vern (a) meaning “servant born in their masters home” and ment (is) meaning “mind”. Hence the true original meaning of the word Government is “To manage / drive the mind of a servant born in their masters home (plantation)”.

  3. Jan Erik

    Article 38 – Prejudice
    Canon 952

    Prejudice, or “hate” is one (1) of six (6) emotions of influence and control used by minorities in power to manipulate populations by modifying the (6) six ancient primordial biological emotions. Prejudice is based on the second primordial emotion of fight or violence against perceived threats, real or deliberately and artificially constructed.
    Canon 953

    The word Prejudice comes from the Latin prae/pre meaning “before” and iudicium meaning “judgment” – hence literally “prior judgment”. The concept of Prejudice meaning “detriment or damage caused by the violation of a legal right” is from the 16th Century and the birth of “Common Law”.
    Canon 954

    In order to promote institutionalized Fear, the minority seeking control of a society need to create enemies – real or imagined. Hence the use of prejudice to influence the society into creating new enemies within and without – whether justified or not.
    Canon 955

    Prejudice is more sophisticated than simple hatred as its presupposes some kind of crime as well as justification for any desired or assumed punishment without the proper review of the facts and without proof of the crime, or that the “new enemy” is guilty.
    Canon 956

    To promote Prejudice, societies controlled by small minorities frequently need to use their own resources to create artificial attacks from within, then blaming some “new enemy”. Hence, a government that promotes Prejudice must itself be the greatest enemy against its own people.

  4. Jan Erik

    Canon 944

    Fear, is one (1) of six (6) emotions of influence and control used by minorities in power to manipulate populations by modifying the six (6) ancient primordial biological emotions. Fear or constant “stress” is based on the primary primordial emotion of anxiety as distressing negative sensation and potentially crippling emotional state of the mind and body induced by a perceived threat in the mind.
    Canon 945

    The word Fear originates from the 1st Millenium BCE ancient Gaelic word fear meaning “faithful man or brave man; faithful or honorable bloodshed or slaughter; ground” from fe meaning “faith, bravery, belief” and ar meaning “for, on, upon, bloodshed, massacre, our, slaughter”.
    Canon 946

    Following the commencement in the 12th Century CE of constant mercenary invasions of Ireland, the word “fear” to the invaders came to mean “calamity, sudden danger and risk of death” on account of the Irish warriors and their resistance.
    Canon 947

    In the 16th Century , the circular meaning of “Fear” was applied meaning “the state of fearing something, especially a mingled feeling of dread and reverence towards God, or formerly any rightful authority.”
    Canon 948

    Identical to anxiety being the prime emotion of all ancient biological emotions, Fear is the prime emotion used by many states in order to influence their populations into predictable behaviour.
    Canon 949

    The constant use of Fear requires the constant invention of new images for the mind to Fear. Therefore, states that constantly use Fear as a primary lever of authority must maintain a close relationship with creative storytellers and means of publication / broadcasting new elaborate Fears.
    Canon 950

    The deficiency of Fear is that over time a population becomes gradually immune to Fear, requiring either a complete and deliberate destruction of social fabric followed by reconstruction of a controlled society or the inevitable loss of power by those addicted to using Fear.

  5. Jan Erik

    “For you see, the world is governed by very different personages
    from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

    Famous Quote from Benjamin Disraeli

      1. Rick

        Yes recycled actors, Fox news reported that a woman named Donna Bruce was at the bombing and the screenshot rwas that of Hocksprung. When researchers went to the Fox archives for verification.the newsclip was taken down. Luckily someone took a picture of the screenshot and you can find it doing a Google search

  6. JoeyZ

    With the Oilers being eliminated from the playoffs, I’m confidant
    Banzanir will be able to channel his energies into “lighting the lamp”
    on Boston 🙂

    Me thinks MUCH remains to be discussed here!

      1. banazir2980

        Isn’t the rule of thumb to shave the morning of the first playoff game? No headstarts! Alas those days are behind me, I can no longer invest in such a sham.

        1. JoeyZ

          I was born a rabid N.Y. Rangers fan (in the 1960’s), and like you, no longer invest too much emotion in “it.”

          I do however watch the playoffs with my pop. (quality time!?) Now, I tend to view the whole thing as a production or better yet a pageant. 🙂

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