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Spinning the psyops

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There are two types of posts at cluesforum.info: Simon and Hoi’s, and the rest of them (honorable mentions to Maat and nonhocapito).

I am less interested in the micro details of these psyops as I am with the big picture. Simon nails it beautifully here:

 I agree that one of the main ‘messages’ of this umpteenth post-9/11 psyop is that “Muslims Are Terrorists”. To be sure, the rogue leaders of the “democratic Western world” (henceforth: “the perps”) keep looting and pillaging Muslim/Arabic nations, so we Western citizens need to be fed with the notion that this is all fair and just – since “those horrible jihadists keep menacing our way of life”. However, there are multiple memes being pushed here – one of them being to make the public embrace the perps’ state-funded police & military forces (the perps’ personal bodyguards) as the ‘heroic lifeguards’ … of the people! Nothing new, of course, but surely more and more people are becoming aware of this ravingly absurd state of affairs: we the (oppressed) people/taxpayers are financing the protection and security of our own oppressors!

Surely, another motive for staging those recurring “9/11-style” (minor) psyops – Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc – must be some form of damage control, i.e. to cover the asses of the aforementioned perps who, of course, have been caught with their pants down pulling off the 9/11 hoax with prefabricated computer imagery. See, we can debate this forever, but I frankly don’t think they were so keen/prepared/or purposely dropped clues for us to expose their primary method of mass deception. It may sound counterintuitive for them to keep at it (staging fake terror events with fake imagery and fake victims) – but it’s not: once you start spinning a big flywheel of lies, your only choice is to keep it spinning. The perps cannot afford to stop it – and they know it. What they CAN do, however, is to use the wheel’s momentum to keep the public hypnotized by its circular motion.

I find it quite entertaining to sit back and watch them squeeze the fading horse(shit)power of their MSM propaganda machine – what with their pathetic attempts to demean and ridicule the intelligence of alert and inquisitive minds. How long do they think they can get away with it?


If it appears that I am a shameless shill for Simon and Hoi’s cluesforum – as I have been accused of many over the web – then I plead guilty. There is no higher concentration of what I think is the answer to the psyop puzzles anywhere on the web. Their ability to keep the endless attack of disinformation off is appreciated and helpful – and hard work. Let this paragraph be a thanks to them.

Further to that genuine appreciation — if anyone has a similar site anywhere, then by all means forward it to me. So far nothing has come close, but I am always looking. 

Actor in chief with photoshop

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Obama  fun with Photoshop   Toronto Star

The Boston Hoax psyop dept. is having fun with photoshop, so why not the President?

Obama; fun with Photoshop | Toronto Star.

May as well make the fakery official – or are they just sticking it in your face? Revelation of the method?

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