Wanted: maintainer of hoaxes

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The pips bank on the fact that no-one is checking up on all the details of past hoaxes.

For instance, the Newtown Fire dept. from hasn’t been too busy lately if you check their website.

I noticed the other day that players are already closing up shop, forgetting to carefully maintain everything that was set up to 0;prove” to us that it was real. For example, the Newtown Fire Dept website hasn’t been updated since February and prior to that each month’s calls were recorded and posted online. The Sandy Hook fire Dept only lists 1 call for March. They had many listed by month for the few prior years but they’re getting tired of creating stories for these calls now and there is less need to keep it going since time has passed and people aren’t researching it as much anymore. I say this because I still believe that the fire station we were shown wasn’t actually operational as why would a small town have a 9 bay fire station AND a separate “substation”. I believe they only have the substation and the fire station was a movie set.

Lying takes so much more work than truth.


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