Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids

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Duck and cover is way in the past, so let’s try something else: backpacks (from the story)

Ordinary, except for her brand-new backpack.

Despite the girly pink fabric and pretty fairies that adorned it, Jaliyah’s backpack offered military-grade protection. It could literally stop bullets.

0;It protects me,” she said.

On the morning before Jaliyah took her bulletproof backpack to school for the first time, her father, over a bowl of Fruit Loops, had some grown-up explaining to do.

via Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids: Cautious Protection or Feeding Anxiety? – ABC News.

h/t No Agenda podcast 508 (sub h/t )

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2 thoughts on “Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids

  1. Heather

    Our school district put the kids on lockdown and brought in the bomb sniffing dogs because, apparently, some kid wrote something sinister on the bathroom wall. A little bit of googling and I found that at least two other school districts had done the same thing for the exact same reason and around the same time. None of the kids found out what was written. From what I gather some where fine with it and found it exciting and others are very scared and wish the police stayed in the halls everyday. Our school district already has police patrolling in the halls and outside daily for no reason. The kids are used to them as they have had programs every year during school hours with the police and at the end they ‘graduate’. These programs are weeks long.
    Maybe the cops are nice but I often wonder what the underlying message is to the kids and staff.

    1. Heather

      We were joking that, assuming it’s true that some kid wrote a threat on the bathroom wall, they just did it to get out of class. Then the cops are called and the dogs roll their eyes and say, “Oh brother, here we go again”

      The backpacks are fine as long as the terrorists are aiming for the backpack. The news last night said those mechanical riding horses in front of Kmart are a danger…so is playground equipment. The kids are going to end up helpless. When I was young kids had broken bones all the time. We’re becoming sissified. C’mon America live a little lol. No wonder other countries laugh at us. Throw a pressure cooker bomb in the middle east and they would just kick it out of the way and go to lunch. Heh, meanwhile in America “We’re out of chocolate milk better call in the grievance counselors”

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