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More distraction over the real issue: not only was there no Canadarm, but there was no mission (ever).

Hard to believe schools are named after this actor.

“I believe he should have been there. I mean, come on, how many MPs have actually used the Canadarm in space?”

Marc Garneau insulted over Canadarm exhibit opening snub – The Globe and Mail…

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2 thoughts on “Answer: none

  1. banazir2980

    Gotta hand it to them though. What better way to perpetuate a lie than to embellish it with fake drama. Drama makes for the best television. Everyone loves their actors on tv and in movies and few question who the writers are.

    As a side note, if the arm were real, what makes it so ‘amazing’ anyways? I had a toy robotic arm when I was a kid that made similar movements. If Canada didn’t build it then someone else would have.

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