Shack smack of Fatzer

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There aren’t two people I’ve listened to more on : Jim Fetzer and Simon Shack. This is mainly because no two researchers have spent more time up to today talking about it.

That said, I’ve long ago determined through many helpful researchers that Prof. Fetzer refuses to see the logic in discarding clearly fabricated media to reach all of his 0;scientific” conclusions. It is for this reason he can only be considered delusional or more than likely controlled opposition. You only need to have credentials in critical thinking to determine that if you build a house on a faulty foundation then it will fall down quickly upon examination.

Fetzer’s latest “beyond a reasonable doubt” conclusion that 9/11/WTC was a neutron mini-nuke event is simply a hoax built upon an older hoax. (hoax²) The preposterous leap that a magical weapon that could destroy an entire building complex, including one million tons of 2 buildings in 9/11 seconds is beyond sorcery, yet he persists.

Simon dispatches Fetzer quickly in his post, which is part of a dedicated shill thread on Prof. Fetzer.

Allright, ladies and gentlemen – the mystery is solved! Bring out the champagne! ^_^ 

See, mini-nukes were used to bring down the towers. Yup. At least, that’s what Dr Fetzer and a trio of ‘nuke-experts’ have now determined, apparently with utmost certainty and“beyond all reasonable doubt”. No kidding. A few exerpts:

Jim Fetzer on media fakery •

I still find the variety of guests on Fetzer’s show interesting, so I will still listen with a critical ear. When it comes to his -9/11 research, I usually fast forward or skip altogether. I do thank his show for equating 9/11 and JFK in my mind, and revealing what few ever talk about — that JFK was also a completely fabricated event — complete with a mountain of phony photos and of course the famous Zapruder fake film.

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2 thoughts on “Shack smack of Fatzer

  1. Rerevisionist

    Some people my like my video on Holocaust Revisionism which I put up a few days ago. It’s a talk I gave fifteen years ago, in 1997. This talk was only a few months after I’d decided to do a systematic examination of revisionist material on Internet. (Plus some books, leaflets etc). I deliberately wrote it to record what I felt at the time, looking at 5 major topics, 7 recording ‘surprises’ about them, and so on. The audience were very polite and perhaps a bit shell-shocked when I told them the ‘Holocaust’ was either made-up or greatly exaggerated. There’s a question and answer session. The atmosphere is just as South Place always was – ir origin it was a non-religious equivalent of a Sunday out, with ‘improving’ lectures and music.…

    I don’t really like listening to my own voice, but the audio version showed there was some demand. Maybe I should have posted it years ago.

  2. Gabriel

    Agree Fetzer is controlled opposition. The Holocaust remains a sensitive subject with my folks because my grandfathers were in the WW 2. They tell me how dare I question it knowing the hell our relatives went through. Incidentally, both survived. I remember as a kid asking about the war and neither grandfather would tell me about it. Its almost impossible to know what really happened. If anyone was killed it was way over exaggerated. Its a great topic Ab. Its really hard to know the truth. Markus Allen has referenced documentation he found that showed the birth rates of the Jews did not drop after the holocaust. Need to look at that more closely but if true I think tells us more truth about what really did not happen. Hate to say it but I have not spent much time on this topic. If I could find some reliable materials I would. Rather, its too easy to see how most psyops are fabricated and makes it hard for me to believe this one was real. The whole Jew issue just seems a diversion so I do not spend much time on it.

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