Nuke fraud beats on

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The nuclear see-saw goes on and on and on. One day we’re closing all the plants and the next day we’re expanding them. One day it’s a bad idea to build them on fault lines and the next day it’s fine if we reinforce them. One day they’re killing and mutating and the next day they’re a good idea for reducing 0;foreign” oil. “helping” out? Does it make sense that the country hosting the latest nuclear disaster hoax helps design and implement new ones? Is this more in your face contradictory silliness?

This conflicting disinformation is what allows them to keep pesky inquiring minds from trying to make sense of it all.

I think it’s time to review the Simpsons episodes and see what they’ve been saying about nuke power. There are probably lots of hints there to give us clues on how they are mocking us.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan hailed the $22 billion contract as a “very important step” that would transform bilateral relations with Japan into a “strategic partnership.

via Japan, Turkey sign $22-bn nuclear deal – The Times of India.

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  1. Rerevisionist

    Hiya Ab–

    I’ll insert Japan and Turkey in the ‘current events’ part of nukelies, and add your comments. The mockery thing makes perfect sense and of course the nuke connection with the simpsons, not that I have ever watched them. If anyone has a comment on giveaway stuff in the simpsons, let me know.


    PS is it ok if i use your radio abirato blue motif as your avatar?
    PPS no trace of Roger Desjardins. One of the emails I used was the abacus one; the other was something with gnss – if you have another, could you email it to me? I want to try all avenues.

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