Bring on the “amateur” Boston Hoax video

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Simon discovers this amateur video was uploaded at the same time to a video production company. Coincidence I’m sure.

Of course, Ryan Hoyme became an overnight TV star – and got interviewed by Katie-guess-who-Couric. Ryan’s silly script includes the preposterous line that0;we initially thought it was actually fireworks” (a line he keeps reiterating in other articles/interviews)… Also, his other line (“it really didn’t sink in – until the other bomb hit”) is equally stoopid. We are talking about a 12-second timelapse, for chrissakes! And what about his statement that, referring to the blast, “it wasn’t as loud as you think it would be, you know, that kind of thing” ? Good grief… 

via Boston Marathon- alLEGed “terror attack”- Apr15, 2013 •

Knowing what we know about Google, the mega video count also makes the whole video suspect and promoted “from the top”.

I’m sure there will be much more amateur video to come. Can’t wait!

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1 thought on “Bring on the “amateur” Boston Hoax video

  1. banazir2980

    Boston Strong eh? I always wondered what B.S. stood for.

    Pretty high spirits for a guy who just lost his legs and has had his life altered forever.

    Is there any footage of this guy wheeling himself around in his wheelchair? I wonder if he has suddenly become a pro at it, you know, ’cause he is ‘Boston Strong’.

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