Google Glass a hoax?

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Is Google Glass a hoax? John Dvorak, someone I’ve been reading for 25 years,  thinks so.

An extremely elaborate prank. That is what I’ve determined Google Glass is as the company begins to ship these loony glasses.

They discussed this on the last link podcast. Personally, am liking the podcast more, even though initially I couldn’t stomach Curry’s delivery. I suppose you can get used to anything. 

The most interesting thing that Curry and Dvorak mentioned in the show was that their websites have been blocked by Google Chrome, and even Mozilla. Many people don’t realize that Google has a blacklist that blocks browsers using the proxy from 0;malware sites”. These are sites that google deems dangerous. Some sites have just one link to a graphic to another blacklisted site, and that gets them blacklisted. Since Google has captured the entire search market, they have a de facto monopoly. Many don’t realize that there are other search engines or email apps. Even old farts like me have forgotten how they used to search ( was a fave of mine) or emailed (I still retain my own pop server, but still like gmail’s filters).

My point is the google blacklist is akin to the FCC’s no fly list. It’s simple economic blackmail. No google hits, your website is out of business. For many businesses, no flying means no sales. First they control the money, then they control your mobility. That’s what they mean by a prison without walls (ask a dog about electronic fences).


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