More Hadfield / ISS silliness

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How about breaking down a science experiment? Maybe even video it? (don’t worry, we will be watching for the mistakes).

Nah, instead we have more and tweets. Do any real scientists get aggravated by this blatant farce?

Astronaut Chris Hadfield led a singalong from space Monday, using his last video chat aboard the International Space Station to voice his support for music education.

via Canadian kids singalong with Chris Hadfield as he prepares to return to Earth.

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2 thoughts on “More Hadfield / ISS silliness

  1. JohnnyClues

    Chris Hadfield has a new book …. I’m betting the original title for the book ( My Moustache Lies) must of been taken.(note – in the article – some “pictures” and even lamer quotes of them by Captain ‘Stache.)

    Astronaut Chris Hadfield completed a five month stint on the International Space Station from December 2012 to May 2013. On March 13, 2013 he became the first Canadian to command the ISS. Now retired, he is back home and launching his memoir, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.

    Here’s a few snipits for the article, filled with nonsense that made my head shake….I suggest reading the article on an empty stomach….

    “Almost six months after being grounded, the charming astronaut with the signature moustache has a new mission, and a book to promote.”

    “He insists he’s not here “to juggle” for you, though he has some amazing stories to tell. He is earnest. And he earnestly wants you to know that his mission is bigger than the YouTube hits or the celebrity collaborations he became known for in space – though if releasing a new single with Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson or shooting the first music video in orbit, covering David Bowie’s Space Oddity, will help him accomplish that mission, than alright, where’s the guitar?”

    “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth is part memoir, part self-help. It strives to make you a better person by drawing on Hadfield’s 21 years as a spaceman.”

    “After watching the 1969 Apollo moon landing, a 9-year-old boy set his eyes on space, no matter that only Americans could become astronauts at the time.”

    “Reading his book, you quickly realize that guy you’ve been watching on YouTube clipping his nails, wringing out washcloths, or eating chocolate pudding cake is actually way above most people’s intellectual pay grade.” <——— GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!

    "He has been to space three times. For his third and longest trip Hadfield began preparing four years in advance. Part of what that meant was concocting a lot of “what’s the next thing that could kill me?” scenarios and then working through them. It also meant learning new skills, just in case. For example, he studied basic surgery so that he could “staple people up and sew people up and give them catheters and IVs” just in case the doctor in his three-man crew, Tom Marshburn, was taken ill."

    "Much of the advice isn’t rocket science, but some of the details prove why Hadfield is the astronaut and we are not."

    "He is an overachiever. He is competitive. And he works hard. Way harder than most of us do." <—– BS

    "When Hadfield’s oldest son Kyle was 10, he excitedly showed his dad how many laps he could swim underwater without taking a breath. Hadfield jumped into the pool and swam one more lap than Kyle." (oh boy…….such an overachiever!!! Well Done Hadfield, Well Done!)

    "On Feb. 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard, including Hadfield’s good friend and commander of the mission, Rick Husband. During launch, a piece of insulation broke off and struck the left wing, tearing a hole in the spacecraft."

    "Hadfield leans forward, smiles, then winces at hearing the name of his friend spoken. He was NASA’s director in Russia at the time of the accident."

    “We killed him. I sat in my little room in Star City [Russia] and watched the replay of that piece of foam coming off the shuttle that hit the wing – I must’ve watched it 30 times – and I’m going, man that doesn’t look right. And I didn’t do anything about it. I could have put my career on the line and said I am not going let you bring that shuttle back into the atmosphere until you send those guys out on a spacewalk to see if there is a hole. I didn’t and I could’ve and I’m as culpable as anybody, and he’s a good friend of mine.”

    "When asked how he was able to continue working at NASA after the accident, Hadfield leans back in his chair. He has had to defend NASA many times before. Two shuttle accidents, billions of taxpayers’ dollars, but he believes the space program is still worth it."

    “I think the exploration of the rest of the universe is fundamentally important to us. In that business there are risks and some things are worth taking risks for.”

    "That’s not to say Hadfield isn’t afraid. He is. He is afraid of heights (“But that’s a logical fear!); watching someone else launch into space (“All I can do is clench and unclench my hands”); and most of all, Hadfield fears for his family."

    "This June, shortly after returning from the ISS, Hadfield announced his retirement from the space program. He and his wife, Helene, have bought a house in Toronto and Hadfield has taken a teaching position at the University of Waterloo. He doesn’t miss space. Not at all."

    “It’s like, what do you miss about being six years old? It was an important part of my life and it was formative. But I lived it to the fullest.”

    Well played Hadfield, I did not think you could stoop any lower, I stand corrected…….Looking forward to your follow up book, here is a title for ya ….." NASA IS A HUGE LIE – But Check Out My Sweet 'Stache Fellers"


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