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Calling all tube vibration analysis experts

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When you listen to the scientific bafflegab in this youtube – you don’t need to be a high priest of the cult of nuclear physics to understand that those that create these hoaxes are mocking you with their silliness. Is it so hard to fix a cracked pipe? Aren’t there any plumbers or boiler techs available in California?

Can we expect an exit scenario for the San Onofre plant? Stay tuned as they say to this story.

Can you say FEMA drill anyone?

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Showtime: Saturday, May 11, 2013 9:11pm

Robin Fisher and Bill Lifepsyop will try to explain why Heliocentrism is the mother of all psyops.



9/11 audio

Terror Terror

Beatles – Here comes sun

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Real or fake London 1927?

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London in 1927 on VimeoBesides not broadcasting in color for 40 years later, there are many reasons (besides being a media fakery analyst) not to believe this is anything other than an expensive computer animation of some sort.

Mesmerising Colour Footage Of London In 1927.


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Good Russians and dash cams

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Video “proof” that Russians are good people and not the enemy. I’m sure if Iranians had as many dash cams you’d find they are real people too and not the enemy we are sold.

h/t Banazir

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Why the nuke hoax matters

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Even if I’m totally wrong and nuclear power is real, citizens of my province have to wonder how in this computer age it’s acceptable for a construction project to always go over budget by a factor of 2 or 3. What other business can operate like this?

Concerned about the costs of the cancelled Ontario gas plants? Prepare to be shocked.

You, your children, and your children’s children will continue to pay for this their entire lifetimes. Now, tell me, isn’t it possible that this is a giant hoax to steal money?

Enjoy your power bill and all the other taxes you pay. They’re literally paying for nothing.

Magic computer console, similar to NASA, to make it seem like something very complex is happening.

via Cancellation of Ontario gas plants pales in comparison to nuclear repair costs | Toronto Star.

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Shameless NASA cross-promotion

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All integrated businesses promote their respective divisions, so why should NASA be any different?

The new movie Gravity features a leaking space station, coinciding with yesterday’s news of an ammonia leak.


Apparently even massive money swindles have limited budgets and need to economize.

On a positive note, the Hadfield mission is slowly coming to an end. Sadly, another country will have to endure the ISS command silliness.


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Pity the garment workers

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The Bangladeshi story is minor but irritating enough for me to comment on.

Last week a big grocer Loblaw was once more dragged through the mud, as its clothing line was “exposed” to be made in Bangladesh.

While I am split over whether this is a good thing or not, I am always looking for reasons behind the fakery.

The worldwide promotion of the story almost guarantees its probability of being a hoax.

CF has some suspect pictures, complete with the “missing posters” memento.

Worldwide media deceptions • Bangladesh building collapse

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WW2 stories

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More history lessons from a German perspective. It seems a large group best described as Ashkanazi-Khazars had a great deal of of information and involvement  suppressed using the “Jewish” label.


Are similar things happening today with the perps misusing labels? If it worked before it will work again today.

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