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Showtime: Saturday, May 11, 2013 9:11pm

Robin Fisher and Bill Lifepsyop will try to explain why is the mother of all .




Terror Terror

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28 thoughts on “Ep40-Heliocentrism

  1. larry

    Robin; I prefer the explanation given by Newton’s classical physics for the motion of the planets. You prefer the biblical explanation. I don’t know much about the bible. You know diddly squat about math, calculus and physics (stop pretending that you do).
    I agree that there is a lot of BS in modern science. For example the big bang theory, which is founded on the assumption that the red shift is proportional to distance. I have a fairly good grasp of classical physics however, as all high school graduates should have, and it provides a simple, understandable model for the solar system. I don’t understand, nor have I ever witnessed, any supernatural events, such as described in the bible. I have therefore come to the conclusion that the bible is just another book written by liars, pretending to know stuff about which they haven’t a clue. I don’t expect, or want anyone (especially those not versed in math and physics) to believe me, or any science authority. I also hope that people don’t trust the psychopathic authority of the old testament bible (another psyop). I mean no disrespect to Christians. I think that Jesus, if he was a real person, said a lot of good things, and it’s commendable for anyone to follow his teachings. But isn’t it the MO for all psyops (hypnosis) to be cloaked with ideas and emotions that all decent people can agree with?

  2. Socrates

    I enjoyed reading the definition of what a Jesuit is. I appreciate Gottfried coming to the defense of Catholics and exposing the Protestants of being shills, sheep and easily led and fooled by silver tongued pastors spruiking wars for Israel.

    I also am one who dismisses the accusations that it’s the Jesuits who are mainly responsible for most of hour troubles.

    Ab I enjoy the show and I should join you live in the discussion.

  3. gottfriedleibniz

    I missed a little bit of retardedness at the end. Robin just said that the Catholic Church is trying to sneak in Hermeticism, and that Freemasonry is basically Hermeticism. It might interest Robin to know that Catholicism is diametrically opposed to Freemasonry.

    Read what Pope Leo XIII said about Freemasonry in Humanum Genus:
    “We wish it to be your rule first of all to tear away the mask from Freemasonry, and to let it be seen as it really is; and by sermons and pastoral letters to instruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind in seducing men and enticing them into their ranks, and as to the depravity of their opinions and the wickedness of their acts. As Our predecessors have many times repeated, let no man think that he may for any reason whatsoever join the masonic sect, if he values his Catholic name and his eternal salvation as he ought to value them. Let no one be deceived by a pretense of honesty. It may seem to some that Freemasons demand nothing that is openly contrary to religion and morality; but, as the whole principle and object of the sect lies in what is vicious and criminal, to join with these men or in any way to help them cannot be lawful.”

    Robin clearly knows nothing about Catholicism or Jesuits, but he just repeats things that he heard from a retarded drunk man who begs for loonies down by the Tim Hortons.

    In the next breath Robin is talking about the “Reformation” and “Renaissance” where “there was some type of progress…”, the period when this BS about Heliocentrism came in, which was opposed by the Catholic Church.

    1. robinmfisher

      I just love how your sweating bullets over this stuff and the fact you have to come a lonely show and stamp out this “anti-jesuit propaganda.” Looks like I have a fan. You have inspired me to continue to unveil the deceptions out there. Thank you for that. And anyone with half a brain can put all this together, so good luck on trying to keep it under wraps.

      1. gottfriedleibniz

        The lack of substance in your reply confirms my suspicions that you tend to speak for a long time about topics of which you have zero knowledge. Your sloppy research is on display here in my latest “novel”.

        1. robinmfisher

          So where can I get all this wonderful information on the Jesuits, Hermeticism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism (Rose Cross), Gnosticism, the enlightenment, the renaissance, the dark ages, the new age……and so on…..I guess I just made all this up through sloppy research?

          Another internet troll and shill you are. Get outta here loser…..

          1. gottfriedleibniz

            Do you see how I picked your sloppy research apart, line by line?
            But instead of replying to specific points, as I did, in writing, you post…youtube videos. Wow! Wipe your brow.

            And you call me a troll, and a shill and a loser?

            Dude, illiteracy is nothing to be ashamed of.

          2. robinmfisher

            Yeah you picked it apart….with what, the same old song and dance that every other gatekeeper out there uses? You didn’t supply anything of value, nor truthful. You simple said your opinion, which is destroyed when anyone sincerely looks into these things. Unfortunately, all you can do is “think” you picked it apart. See, I don’t respond to your bs line by line because that would be playing your internet gatekeeping game. I’ve already been down this road plenty of times, and no matter how much I give you or any other gatekeeper the actual facts, with evidence…you’ll simply deny it….with equivocation and lumping everything together to discredit, deceive and polarize. So in the end, you’re not really ever going to win anyways, because you’re up against the truth. And in the end, I enjoy how whenever I come on Ab’s show, all you gatekeepers come out of the woodwork. That doesn’t really happen when people are talking money and bs politics, but I have noticed a pattern to when I start speaking out, and you gatekeepers hate it….because not to many people can actually see what is going on.

            But yeah, nice try on your pathological lying and ad hoc arguments. Better luck next time….and again, ditch the Rosicrucian name, it’s a dead givewway to your agenda.

            1. gottfriedleibniz

              Robin said: “Yeah you picked it apart….with what, the same old song and dance that every other gatekeeper out there uses?”

              Line-by-line, I shredded your nonsense with FACTS and LOGIC. Your responses have yet to yield one iota of substance. Is it a “song and dance” to wonder why the Jesuits would have Galileo put forward the heliocentric theory, and then defeat him in a debate? Wouldn’t it make more sense to LOSE the debate? You haven’t responded to this or any of the other points I made. You just continue to use NON-ANSWERS, in the form of intellectual hand-waving.

              Robing said: “You didn’t supply anything of value, nor truthful. You simple said your opinion, which is destroyed when anyone sincerely looks into these things.”

              Give one example of this. You can’t. To reiterate the point I just made: what part of that proof was my “opinion”? Was it my opinion that St Robert Bellamine was a Jesuit? Or that Bellarmine debated Gallileo? Are these not facts? Wasn’t my proof logical? And if they are facts, why can’t you respond? Where is the flaw in my reasoning? Why don’t you “look into these things” and “destroy” them?

              Robin said: “See, I don’t respond to your bs line by line because that would be playing your internet gatekeeping game.”

              Is the internet gatekeeping game where you get shredded, and then make several pathetic non-responses?

              Did I misquote you? Or did I take what you said out of context? Or did I shred you line by line?

              Robin said: “no matter how much I give you or any other gatekeeper the actual facts, with evidence…you’ll simply deny it….with equivocation and lumping everything together to discredit, deceive and polarize.”

              Which means that you don’t have any facts. You can’t respond to my very specific responses because you don’t have anything.

              Robin said: “So in the end, you’re not really ever going to win anyways, because you’re up against the truth.”

              I’m still waiting for just one iota of truth out of you.

              Don’t you see that every time you start to talk out of you butt about “Jesuits” with ZERO proof, people are going to look at what you said here, and say, “Hey Robin, you sound like a BS artist.” They are going to ask you for specifics and for sources. And you won’t have any. I’ve recorded your BS, line by line for posterity. Someone is going to compile it into a children’s book called “Robin Talks Out of His Butt”. Go back and read “Vatican Assassins” again, and you will notice that you have been taken in by a Jewish conman.

              Robin said: “I have noticed a pattern to when I start speaking out, and you gatekeepers hate it….because not to many people can actually see what is going on.”

              I admit that I can’t see what’s going on. I have no idea what you are going on about. I can’t understand what proof you have for any of this.

              Robin said: “But yeah, nice try on your pathological lying and ad hoc arguments. Better luck next time….and again, ditch the Rosicrucian name, it’s a dead givewway to your agenda.”

              I’m a pathological liar? I shred you, line by line, catching all of your lies… and I’m a pathological liar? Did you mean to say “a methodological lie-catcher”?

              This is an example of your argument:
              1. Leibniz was a Rosecrucian.
              2. Therefore you are a gatekeeper.

              Do you understand that 2 does not follow from 1? Go back and review your logic book.

  4. gottfriedleibniz

    Blaming the “Jesuits” is so retarded and unfounded. I was listening to the show, an then, I think it was Robin, starts talking about a Jesuit plot. His reasoning is so weak, and he has so few facts, and nothing is sourced. It is typical of the retarded “Jesuit” conspiracy stuff one reads on the web.
    1. “It all goes back to the Jesuit education” or something similar. This is retarded because the Jesuits are educators, and historically have run many schools that taught many people, including many well connected people. The Jesuit schools admit people who are not Catholic also. Therefore to trace an evil person back to a Jesuit school and use that to show that the Jesuits are wicked is a fallacy because it ignores all of the good people who also were taught by the Jesuits.
    2. Rudor Jossor Boscovich??? Some guy nobody has ever heard of. Robin fails to show any connection between this guy in the 18th century(?) and Einstein. I submit that the only thing Robin knows for sure about Boscovich is that he is a Jesuit. All condemnation follows from that fact. Robin does not show any Jesuit influence on Einstein, or even that he was educated by Jesuits. In this segment of rambling, Robin points out some other Jesuit scientists who also followed similar einstinian thoughts.
    — Georges Lemaître (1894-1966) Robin notes “was around Einstein”. Being “around” somebody is supposed to prove some relationship? What exactly does being “around” Einstein entail? Notice that Lemaitre was born in 1894, so he was 9 years old when Einstein published his theory of relativity. On this one retarded Protestant site, they actually cite this birth date, and then in the same breath state that Lemaitre was Einstein’s “mentor”. Yes, his 9 year old mentor… That sounds just a little retarded.

    Showing that a Jesuit scientist has the same mistaken view as Einstein is fallacious because it fails to take into account the literally millions of scientists who go in for einsteinian thinking.

    3. Gallileo was a “paid agent” of the Jesuits. I don’t know if Robin is being dishonest or if he just plain doesn’t know the simple facts of the Galileo trial. If he did just the tiniest fraction of research, Robin would know that the inquisitor who refuted Galileo was JESUIT Robert Bellarmine. So we are supposed to believe that the Jesuits paid Gallileo to present the Heliocentric theory, and then they also squashed Gallileo like a bug by pointing out that the earth’s movement around the sun does not cause the tides. This is a very sneaky Jesuit plot because it appears to make no sense.

    4. Robin talks about “highly suspicious schools”. What is that? What schools are these and why are they suspicious? This is just a rhetorical flourish with no substance. I think Robin got this from his “suspicious university” and by “associating with” Protestants….

    5. Hermeticism and prisca theologia. Robin scores points by introducing two obscure words without explaining what they mean, and then using them to condemn Jesuits. Hermeticism “comprises beliefs and practices whose purpose is the influencing of the world by means of contact with the heavenly forces.” Prisca theologia is the doctrine within the field of comparative religious studies that asserts that a single, true, theology exists, which threads through all religions, and which was given by God to man in antiquity. I guess that hermeticism and prisca theologia can easily be associated with gnosticism and other heresies. But I find it difficult to understand a protestant crying “heresy” when protestants are heretics. The fallacy here is that, while there may be Jesuits that promote hermeticism, the Jesuit philosophy is not hermeticism.

    I think that generally the anti-Jesuit feeling comes from a book called “Vatican Assassins” by Eric Jon Phelps. Phelps is an zionist israeli diamond merchant. This tactic is know as, “I might smell like crap, but those guys really smell like crap, so don’t pay attention to how crappy I smell.”

    Also the Jesuit order was created in large part to defend the Church doctrine against Protestantism. Protestants, having a long history of losing debates to the clever Jesuits, began to hate the order. So they make up stories about the Jesuits.

    6. Jesuits are trying to disprove the God of the Bible. No proof is offered for this.

    7. You find their [Jesuits] mitts in all of the sciences. What would the priests have to do with the sciences? –> This is so many flavors of stupid. The Catholic Church has always been the major source of knowledge in Western Civilization. The Church has always promoted learning and science. That is what a priest would have to do with the sciences. Go look up a guy called St Thomas Aquinas.

    8. Jesuits who teach quantum mechanics and then bless the Eucharist. I think that the burden here would be first to show how quantum mechanics is contrary to Jesus. The second burden would be to show that the many thousands of scientists who teach quantum mechanics are aware that this form of physics is contrary to Jesus. Then Robin would have made his point that there is some Hegelian dialectic going on here. But I think that Robin can’t do this. I think that those Jesuits who teach physics are just like everybody else who teaches physics: they just went to school and learned what they were taught. If I wasn’t so thick, I might have learned quantum mechanics. But I don’t think I would have understood why this contradicted the Bible.

    Conclusion: I don’t know why people cling to these Jesuit conspiracies. The Jesuits are so politically insignificant these days. They have very little power outside of their own order. And honestly, the post-Vatican II Church is so full of heretics that I wouldn’t give any religious order much credit for very much internal control. Post Vatican II, the Church has become very much more Protestant, thus allowing for more heresy. JPII manifested a lot of protestant heresy. Going to Mass these days, it is very common to hear a priest proclaim various protestant heresies from the pulpit. And still you have these protestants hating on the Church and the Jesuits.

    These fans of Eric Jon Phelps don’t really do much critical thinking of their own, but just repeat information. I think the Anti-Jesuit stuff is just a big distraction for the real criminals: the Jews. Protestants have been used by the Jews this way for centuries. Ofr example, the Jews of Holland paid for the “Glorious Revolution” and setting up the Jew Bank of England. The Jews paid for the protestant scofield bible that promoted zionist Christianity. That’s why you can always turn on the TV and see retarded Protestants screaming for more wars for israhell.

    Of course, the basic problem with Protestants is that they have to prove they lack basic logic skills before they are allowed to be Protestants. Their major tenets are illogical.
    1. They believe in “sola scriptura”, meaning that all the Faith must be shown in the Bible. But those words are not found in the Bible. Go figure.
    2. They believe in justification by “faith alone”, meaning that one’s own works don’t credit towards their salvation. But this is not in the Bible either. Martin Luther, who is the grand-daddy of Protestantism, invented this nonsense, and he knew that this was contradicted by the Letter of James. So Luther wanted to take James out of the Bible. Can you believe this crap?
    3. There is nothing in the Bible that says what the books of the Bible are supposed to be. Thus the Bible itself is founded on the TRADITION of the Holy Catholic Church. Sola scriptura is a very inconsistent bit of philosophy, and hardly worth starting a whole religion.

    This lack of logic skills allows Protestants to be more easily fooled by slick pastors who talk nonsense really fast, and so they fools themselves with clever rhetoric.

    I think also that some people are just basically afraid to talk about the Jews. So they will see that Einstein is totally a Jew, making up Jew fiction, and then blame the Jesuits with absolutely zero proof. Basically there is a fear of the Jew circuit down deep in that person, and this circuit connects to the mind, turning it off and inserting some fantasy to calm the person and erase the Jew. This condition is know as “Retardedicity”.

      1. gottfriedleibniz

        You are making a totally unfounded and irrelevant accusation about Christopher Marlowe. This has nothing to do with the subject. You can tell that a person has no defense when they bring up irrelevant nonsense. Your 2nd point is ridiculous. By that reasoning, the more charges against a defendant, the more likely he is innocent. You are avoiding the facts because they are not on your side.

  5. ewing2001

    better also check out : checkthis.com/thebook google 1649’ish – the book ; the first 1,600 years did not exist.
    “google 1649’ish” proves, humans, mining|bergbau and coins/mints started in the 1650s. There was no ancient or medieval times (middle ages) ; ‘century|fakery’ is as old as so called “1650s” …

    excerpts :
    /1655.1 – //1663
    Koran_OP starts (after Dschahiliyya”|Epoche der „Unwissenheit) :
    masked as some “trans|lation”
    1659 (Al-Koranum Mahumedanum ; by “Salomon Schweigger”)

    …this book *will show*, that humans are only under 400 years old.

    The wette|bet is still up:

    It started all around 1649’ish incl. atheism (//1658.0), dualism (~1689/1700 Thomas Hyde ; 1794), racism (1652 ; *1684 Francois Berner, 1932), terrorism (*//1652.0 ; 1794 ; 1795 ) and all other ‘bullshitivism’.

  6. Jan Erik

    psychological warfare
    the use of propaganda, threats, and other psychological techniques to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an opponent.

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