Why the nuke hoax matters

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Even if I’m totally wrong and nuclear power is real, citizens of my province have to wonder how in this computer age it’s acceptable for a construction project to always go over budget by a factor of 2 or 3. What other business can operate like this?

Concerned about the costs of the cancelled Ontario gas plants? Prepare to be shocked.

You, your children, and your children’s children will continue to pay for this their entire lifetimes. Now, tell me, isn’t it possible that this is a giant hoax to steal money?

Enjoy your power bill and all the other taxes you pay. They’re literally paying for nothing.

computer console, similar to , to make it seem like something very complex is happening.

via Cancellation of Ontario gas plants pales in comparison to nuclear repair costs | Toronto Star.

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2 thoughts on “Why the nuke hoax matters

  1. ab Post author

    I wish it was a great find. It was front page news the day my latest hydro bill came in, complete with hydro debt repayment item. Why are the people of our province still being fleeced when other countries are exiting? Is our fake debt not high enough yet to equal countries in Europe?

  2. simon shack

    Great find, Ab!

    That article goes on saying that:

    “Quebec’s only nuclear plant, Gentilly, provides a good cautionary tale. Built in stages between 1966 and 1983, it needed to be fixed in 2012, but the Quebec government recently decided that it was not going to repeat the mistakes of its neighbours and instead pulled the plug on that repair job and shut the plant down. Quebec’s decision to stop nuclear reflected similar initiatives in other nuclear nations such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.”


    Well, please know that Italy has long shut down its nuclear power plants (I often drive by one of those when going to the beach here in Rome). It would seem that the exit strategy from the nuke power scam has begun quite some time ago.



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