WW2 stories

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More history lessons from a German perspective. It seems a large group best described as Ashkanazi-Khazars had a great deal of of information and involvement  suppressed using the 0;Jewish” label.


Are similar things happening today with the perps misusing labels? If it worked before it will work again today.

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2 thoughts on “WW2 stories

    1. simon shack

      Very interesting comment, Jan Erik. I will anxiously be waiting for further such informative posts from you – as my thirst for knowledge is constant and unrelenting. May you illuminate us all, Jan Erik, as to why “Judea declared war on Germany” in 1933. Did the pope order them to do so with a phone call – from his holy office in Rome? Also, did he use holy Vatican money to fund the phone call – or did he make a collect-call to the jewish banksters in London? If so – we have a massive scandal in our hands to unveil ! :O)

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