Boston Strong Toronto weak

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As we watched the orchestrated loss of Toronto to Boston, I couldn’t help agreeing with Marku$ Allen’s assessment of all (of financial consequence) is fixed.

He discusses this in one of his (free) calls….

He also gives a few plugs. He also has an interview with an Brian Tuoy of The Fix is In who writes about fixed sports outcomes of (at least) critical games.

The perps in this particular game pushed the credibility fact by going 7 games and also by letting the fixees overcome a 4-1 deficit with 11(!) minutes left in the last game (and of course the game ends in a 5-4 [=9] score.

Is the plan to let Boston take the Cup as reward for hosting the latest hoax? The script reads just like a movie.

Remember who one the Superbowl after 2001? New England Patriots

Who won after Hurricane Katrina? New Orlean Saints

Coincidence or fix? You decide.

Fixisin Boston game post

Brian’s facebook entry on game

6 thoughts on “Boston Strong Toronto weak

  1. Marco

    Hey… Lookie here… BOSTON is in the Stanley cup finals. WHAT A FIX!!! I smelled a fix, from the beginning. Is it weird, once that I saw, the Boston bombings, on TV – I knew right away, that either the Bruins or Bosox, would make it to the finals/world series. Oh, your city gets bombed, your sports team will automatically make it to the finals.

    May I add, that Randy Carlye is one who takes timeouts, whenever he sees his team in distressed. He did it with the Ducks, and he has been doing it ALL YEAR LONG – With the Leafs… Why didn’t he call a time out!?!?!? I was screaming at the TV, and Carlye was looking around and ASKING his assistants, something.. I could not make out… But they knew something – We didn’t! That is something that should be looked into more! And get more video of Carlye’s reaction to the goals.

    “Boston Strong” What a marketing campaign! Yet more people die in an hour from the common cold, than what happened in Boston.

    Just my opinion. But this whole thing smells!

  2. Blue Moon

    It could just be nostalgia that my 911 goggles fog up when I watch baseball- I have a hard time seeing where on the diamond anyone is taking a dive- Sure, MLB is corrupt in many ways, from gambling to drugs to juicing to collusion by the owners- They air a lot of dirty laundry when scandals can’t be contained and unlike football they don’t allow felons and the like to keep jobs- Still, the psychopathic billionaires that run the game can’t be trusted to stay within the parameters of the rulebook any more than they live within the rule of law- Just look at who the commissioner has been for twenty something years- Bud Selig, shady used car dealer from Milwaukee is a total sock puppet of the owners (hell, he was an owner at one time)- But, until actual evidence appears, I’m holding on to my theory that baseball is legitimizing the crooked sports by being itself legit, at least between the lines-

  3. Blue Moon

    The Warriors of the NBA evened up their series against the San Antonio Spurs- It was the most flagrant demonstration of manipulation I’ve ever seen- The Spurs suddenly went ice cold with their shooting to allow the clearly inferior Warriors to get back into the game and then lost in overtime by handing the Warriors every opportunity to win with turnovers and whatnot- I still hold out that Major League Baseball is still legit as if to be an example for the rest of the sports to seem legit by association- Time will tell-

  4. JoeyZ

    I feel sick for the Leaf supporters…. what a choke. I actually spent
    the night watching the the tube with my Pop. We watched
    Henrik Lundqvist and The N.Y. Rangers blank Alex Ovechkin, and
    Washington “Crapitols” for the 2nd time in as many nights.

    I know it’s all fake… but who cares… it was a great series for “us” original six
    supporters who still have a dog in the fight.

    I hear before game #1 of the Rangers vs Bruins series they are going to drop
    Jeffy B from a trap door in the ceiling, on a bungee-cord onto the ice surface
    (with theme song blaring & lights flashing) in order rev-up the brain-dead
    Boston fan base. The show must go on!!!

    (Rangers in five or six… unless the false-flag-fix is in!?)

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