Tim Bosma abduction – real or fake story?

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New article with occult . Of course they all could be coincidence.

bosma magic numbers



Tim Bosma: Cellphone recovered as police, family hold out hope for Hamilton man’s return | Toronto Star. I’m having big problems with one of Toronto’s biggest stories. Fuzzy pictures, occult numerology, addresses that don’t exist (1230 Trinity Rd), bad acting. I hope I’m wrong and I ask my readership to help pick this one apart. After all, and hoaxes don’t happen close to home, do they? Is it a coincidence that this comes on the heels of the Cleveland Abduction Hoax? Are abductions the flavor of the month? bosma pic2       The address listed in 411 is a farmer’s field bosman house   This is a 411 listing featuring his 0;wife”‘s name … bosman 411   A very fuzzy family picture bosma pic Wanted poster bosma story   Is this the name template being used here? Is this a poke at our subconscious? whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTI…tim osman   Here’s the obligatory youtube video. We have the usual what appears to be bad acting job. We have the usual references to “this only happens on TV and in the movies” , and “this does not happen in real life”. We see no tears. We have the usual allusions to big smiles, dimples, and the vicSim being a joker. Look at this video and pretend it’s a scene from an acting school. Does it make more sense in that context? Does this really look and sound like a wife in true grief, or does it seem like she’s reading from a script? The wife starts at 3:12


*** Update Sunday May 12/2013 dellen1 dellen2   Not much to see here ? apparently the suspect is 27 (2+7=9) and is without a digital footprint.  Fairly odd for a “high profile” person who apparently set a world record as the youngest chopper pilot. Most people his age are fully engaged in Facebook and Twitter. How did he manage to go all this time with almost no reference at all on the internet? Are the perps busy creating a footprint as we speak? Never mind that the above photos look ‘shopped, once more we have to wonder if he exists at all. Of course, it’s easier to create a sim than use a real person. They have all kinds of advantages over using real people or actors, including having 100% control over what they say or do.

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4 thoughts on “Tim Bosma abduction – real or fake story?

  1. Lenard

    I am not writing to convince you that I am a close family friend of Tim Bosma or that he was a good man, murdered for no reason. I am simply questioning the credibility in your writings.

    I have been to the Bosma home, I attended the memorial, I know Tim’s closests friends and family, and I can assure you, the pain they have endured over the past two weeks is real. I wish that I could say differently and this was all a hoax. It is not.

    Normally I would not get involved with these types of blogs or make a rebuttle to a person I do not know and has no impact on my life. However, in this circumstance, I have very strong feelings and believe if you do not have any solid evidence to use, stop writing about thing you do not know about. It is very hypocritical and if you want to be a good writer and investigator, you need to have credibility. This situation (Tim Bosma) discredits your entire website and all beliefs you have made pubic. Secondly, if you choose to expose truth about media coverage and are not 100% sure you are correct, perhaps you could use a story with less of a heart wrenching outcome.

    I am all for a good conspiracy and believe it is important for people to know how the media moulds our thoughts and generates fear. I agree with you here, yet your findings need to be true and backed with proof, not opinion.

    I do not follow your website or radio broadcasts. I do not know where you are or who you are. All I know is that if you took the time to be a good reporter and attended the memorial service or left flowers at the family home on Trinity Rd in Ancaster (as many people did), you would know that this is not a hoax. These are real people who have lost a very special person.

    If any of this case is bullshit, its the fact that the media has been portraying Millard as a nice, humble heir of an aviation company and unlikely to be involved. Ya, I’m sure he was a nice guy. So was Ed Gein before the police found lampshades made of human skin in his house.

    Im sure you will find some sort of way to discredit what I have writen here. I don’t need anyone elses approval on this, because you and I both know- you don’t have a single bit of proof.

    1. ab Post author

      All of the stories have heart wrenching stories. Sandy Hoax, 9/11, Boston. That’s the barrier to truth, the wall to the truth castle, a thick skin of the onion — choose your analogy. These are sophisticated psychological operations. They are not easy to figure out.

      As for your authenticity, you’re right, I don’t believe you. The only reason I allowed this comment is because you refrained from the usual agent ad hominem attacks to make yourself more believable.

      In reviewing the many shills on cluesforum.info, I’ve learned the tactics, however subtle, to gain confidence of those trying to unravel the deception. Your comment is laced with these traits.

      The learned readership here should go to this immense database of shillery research bit.ly/11hVzn5, spend a few hours, and learn the tactics.

      Nobody said a good psyOp would be easy to figure out and understand.

    2. russ hook

      Yeah???? If you know Tim’s family and friends, why NO legitimate SURNAME in your reply? Where is your facebook posts to Tim, etc? No links whatsoever so far, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH!!! You are just a few texts typed on a computer screen, that gives me NO REASON to doubt the OP here.

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