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Finally we have a distributable link that summarizes the Military Media Hoax.

Hello and welcome to the . We believe that Media is the most urgent issue to tackle in order to restore a bit of sanity on this planet. is the weapon of mass distraction used by a pesky network of nutty power brokers (I like to call it 0;The Nutwork”) to fool the world to their advantage.


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2 thoughts on ““TOUR GUIDE” to the September Clues research • Cluesforum.info

  1. Jesse

    Hey there, I consider conspiracy theorists not as nuts or fanatics who cannot accept the ‘truth’. However, as people who want answers and when answers don’t come, suspicions are raised and so are conspiracies!
    I think it’s important to consider conspiracies into such events as 9/11 because these people are not just people who have an idea then express it with no background information. Many conspiracists spend months and even years researching possible scenarios, putting the pieces together to gain a greater knowledge and ask questions to get proper responses to justify these events.

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