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News funding vacuum

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I’ve been following news and newspapers for years, ever since my first newspaper business at age 8. It led me to being aware of current events on a daily basis. Television news further entranced me. I was probably one of a very few teenagers that had to watch the nightly news.

In the early 90s, my interests moved to the internet. I went there for all my news, and never left. The appeal of a non-newsprint newspaper being updated instantly was too appealing. Comments (from real people [!] ) also made the experience more communal.

The internet was a good force for the rapidity of news, but it has caused two very dangerous problems. One is that due to the rush to be first online, accuracy and checking of stories has slipped, resulting in information being left at the gossip level. Since it’s digital, the information is easily changed, and that makes it difficult to keep track of who says what when. Digital footprints are easily wiped, cleaned, processed, and reissued, without anyone noticing.

The bigger issue now is funding. With the loss of readership/viewership comes the loss of advertising. The traditional MSM can no longer fund their old delivery systems, let alone their internet systems, so they disappear or consolidate. Since nature abhors a vacuum (in this case of funding), big monopolies come in and devour small entities, super concentrate, and ultimately control, the news. Gone are the investigative reporters, if there ever were any “real” ones. Columnists have all but disappeared. They are all expensive, and therefore not affordable and dispatched off the ledger.

With all those boots on the ground reporters gone, so goes the human connections of reporter to police and pol. Now the leaks are completely unverifiable and lacking human touch. Gone are those  that may have had a conscious and were willing to blow the whistle for the common good. A good cop or pol has noone to whisper their secrets too, and therefore are forced to go along to get along.

With these key human players absent, in comes the single source. One feed, often without a byline of a real person, is disseminated far and wide. Even local papers get their story from central office, reminiscent of Pravda in Moscow. Before there was a semblance of a diverse press, now they don’t even bother to hide it. While the Soviet Union at least advertised their single source, we now have a unaccountable shadowy network of single ownership. One fox is guarding all the chickens.

The chickens, representing truth, are being eaten one at a time, slowly but surely.

It is this situation that has led to the exponential growth in media fakery. Since the industry is broke and unable to fund itself, where does it turn? It turns to who has the money: other corporations and the military/government. With unlimited resources, they step in to prop up these old news outlets and literally buy and make the news. Hell, they’re paying for it, so why is it so surprising they will make a product that serves their bottom line first, and appear tasty to the masses?

This is the same as any other big business left in America, such as pharma, agra, and Hollywood. They serve themselves first while fleecing their customers. That’s capitalism, so it must be ok.

Therefore the onus is on you, the public, to be vigilant. Realize that everything you are being told from a now bankrupt media system being powered by the government/military is suspect and in their interest. Because they have a stranglehold on TV, newspaper, and alternative internet media, getting the real story is virtually impossible. With the help of their other organ, Hollywood, everything is possible.

It is with this power that they can steamroll and wash away any dissent. They can control the message. No matter how compelling truth tellers or whistleblowers are, they will  cloak themselves and infiltrate using deception to discredit and confuse. It literally is (shill) Alex Jones’ information warfare, and it’s those that control information against YOU.

So as long as you are aware of the game, now you can play it. They still have all the marbles, but now you have a few sticks to battle their guns. While it may not ultimately allow you to win, perhaps you’ll have an easier time fighting and coping with your new reality.

George Orwell was right. Not because he was clairvoyant, but because those that control us present these fortune tellers to us as psychics. They are really just actors (shills) presenting our controllers’ long term plans to us. You have to plan for the future long in advance if you want to control it.

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