Angelina Jolie – another version of the story?

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Angelina Jolie is taking no chances. The actress, director and mother of six, 37, underwent a preventative double mastectomy in February 2013, she reveals in a frank, moving essay in theTuesday, May 14 edition of the New York Times


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What if all she really needed was a boob job to replace sagging breasts? How would we know? Who could check? Isn’t bringing awareness to this serious issue a good enough reason to lie? A ? Where have we heard this before? Is this Hollywood being used for good?

At THE “CHATBOX” •, nothing is sacred, including Angelina’s breast material. Could something as seemingly harmless as this story be fake?

It was also a perfect PR opportunity to strenghten her image of a dogooder , saint almost . Instead of another aging Hollywood star faking titts she became a martyr

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