Markus and Joyce

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Markus goes a few rounds with Joyce Riley (of In Plane Sight fame). Markus  uses a lot of absolute statements that get him into trouble, and in this audio, callers and host take him to task for it.

I’ll give him points for getting a few hints of into the conversation, but it is very difficult to get the message out without being redirected and distracted to many different tangents.

One criticism I have for many who are trying to get the media angle out is to stay on point. While it’s tempting to take a tangential diversion on one of your key words or phrases, it usually leads you and the listeners astray, and your original sentence/thought never gets completed.

Misguided or controlled hosts do this all the time. They take a thought and lead you far away from where you wish to proceed. By doing it yourself, you’re only helping them with their goal of missing your point.


Schedule for the week of APRIL 22, 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Markus and Joyce

  1. simon shack


    Only $19 monthly !

    Hey, that’s slightly less than what I pay for my monthly internet connection.

    Must be worth it – in order to access The Truth – in 7 minutes! 😉….


    Damn! If I’d only thought of that earlier. Imagine how filthy rich I’d be now – what with last month’s (April 2013) 113,821 unique visitors (and 650,438 visits) at Cluesforum.

    Markus Allen Goldstein makes me feel like such a hapless nerd !…

    1. ab Post author

      Please refrain from spamming paylinks in the comments.

      Seriously though the truth should never have a price, no matter how many hours you put in.


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