Who’s the judge?

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As the 0;trial” begins of the mystery man accused of killing someone for a truck via (free) internet advertising sites, we must start examining details like:

  • who is the judge? don’t we usually find out who presides over hearings?
  • who is the courtroom artist?
  • which reporters appeared at the hearing?
  • what’s the background of the accused’s lawyer?

There are many missing details from this initial case. Is anyone paying attention? Is the public so numb to crime and media that they can’t critically think or differentiate between reality and acting?

Dellen Millard stood tall and emotionless in a jammed-packed Hamilton court Wednesday morning as he was formally charged with the first-degree murder of Ontario father Tim Bosma.

via Tim Bosma murder: Dellen Millard says he’s innocent | Canada | News | National Post.

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