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Bosma media event and kijijii

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Kijiji says murder suspects did not find Tim Bosma through its online ad site   Toronto StarKijiji says murder suspects did not find Tim Bosma through its online ad site | Toronto Star.

I screencap stories since they change or are scrubbed so quickly in psyOps. You should too if you are following stories. Save youtoob vids too, because they also come and go.

This small lie is an example. Kijijii reacts and say the ad received no responses. Although I am glad The Star ran the story, the message that online ads are dangerous still persists and remains top of mind.

Quickly, the stories about the dangers of online selling appeared. www.theloop.ca/news/consumer-n…

One point related to my past post on the dangers facing main stream media due to revenue loss is that free online services have all but decimated the newspaper classified ad section. While this could hardly be the main reason to create this murder hoax, it could be one of the side stories promoted.

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Photoshop a weapon

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ford Anyone who doubts the fakery business can stop reading now.

Clearly, however, photoshop and media fakery can used to destroy people at will.

While I am not a big Rob Ford fan, I do believe there is an orchestrated effort to discredit and remove him by the chattering classes of Toronto.

So the mud has been slung his way at a fast pace, and some is even sticking. He remains mayor, and his polling is still high.

That said, a good media fakery campaign, like this cocaine one today, may do the trick. This is a blatant photoshop job, and as in most fake events, there will be few details of real names of witnesses. Since this is a Fabian style war, the damage in the public’s eye will be done, and it will be one more chink in the armor of a “working people’s” mayor (real or not, but the mayor of Toronto does not have the power of a US city mayor).

I remind you, in our research presented on this blog, that all digital media can be faked. It can be high end or low end with the same effect. You can be shown doing anything anytime anywhere…and there is nothing you can do about it.

Welcome to your brave new digital world!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in ‘crack cocaine’ video scandal | Toronto Star.

On a local note, it’s hard to believe that the staid Toronto Star has sunk below tabloid journalism. Its founder must be rolling in his grave.

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