Bosma media event and kijijii

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Kijiji says murder suspects did not find Tim Bosma through its online ad site   Toronto StarKijiji says murder suspects did not find Tim Bosma through its online ad site | .

I screencap stories since they change or are scrubbed so quickly in . You should too if you are following stories. Save youtoob vids too, because they also come and go.

This small lie is an example. Kijijii reacts and say the ad received no responses. Although I am glad The Star ran the story, the message that online ads are dangerous still persists and remains top of mind.

Quickly, the stories about the dangers of online selling appeared.…

One point related to my past post on the dangers facing main stream media due to revenue loss is that free online services have all but decimated the newspaper classified ad section. While this could hardly be the main reason to create this murder hoax, it could be one of the side stories promoted.

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6 thoughts on “Bosma media event and kijijii

  1. ab Post author

    Yes. Usually these events are staged off site, and anyone appearing at the appointed place and time are denied for any reason one can think of.

    1. larry

      I checked the memorial and voted it down, but there was no change.
      I especially “liked” the pic of the girl putting up a missing poster. As if that’s what you would do if someone close goes missing. Like you lost your cat. And of course you would have someone else along to take a pic of you putting up the poster. How can anyone believe this shit.

      1. larry

        Just chuckling thinking of the thought process. Maybe he was chased by a dog and got lost. Maybe he climbed up a tree and couldn’t get down. Maybe he snuck into someone’s shed and got locked in. Don’t even want to think of the worst. Like he got run over by a truck. Or shot by some psycho buying a truck.

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