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Perspectives in 9/11 collapse footage

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While Fetzer dreams of new magic acts at the WTC, Simon gives us evidence (their evidence) of video fakery.


It is this evidence that makes me doubt everything I see being presented to me.

9/11 is conclusively a military media event in my opinion.

It’s the new events today that get less exposure that we must be wary of.

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ADHD another hoax

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ADHD, AIDS, SARS all have one thing in common: they are a big Pharma marketing tool to sell drugs.

The biggest secret in business is trying to duplicate the Gillette effect. That is, find a product that needs to be purchased on a recurring basis.

With drugs, if there isn’t a disease to be cured, you need to invent one. With the help of compliant scientists, a tale can be spun into a yarn, and pretty soon you have a full blown, self perpetuating big lie.

Then comes the money swindle.

Inventor of ADHD’s deathbed confession ‘ADHD is a fictitious disease’ – David Icke Website www.davidicke.com/headlines/84…

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More Bosma twists and turns

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Missing woman’s last call was to Dellen Millard, ex-boyfriend says | Toronto Star.

This story is taking on a life of its own. More twists and turns than a mountain access road.

The purpose of this is simple distraction and psychic driving. By building a fake set of stories, the second story confirms the first in the deceived’s mind. The second story literally confirms that the first story is true, and your mind is taken off the idea that there is a problem with the first story.

Distraction is a magician’s #1 tool.

Here’s the screengrab with a my markup. No reporters names, no police contact names, no details of the 5Ws of reporting … a completely fabricated story to distract from the fact that the first story is a complete hoax.

bosma missing womanAt what point did the Toronto Star mutate into a cross between the Enquirer and the Onion?


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