ADHD another hoax

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ADHD, , SARS all have one thing in common: they are a big Pharma marketing tool to sell drugs.

The biggest secret in business is trying to duplicate the Gillette effect. That is, find a product that needs to be purchased on a recurring basis.

With drugs, if there isn’t a disease to be cured, you need to invent one. With the help of compliant scientists, a tale can be spun into a yarn, and pretty soon you have a full blown, self perpetuating big lie.

Then comes the money swindle.

Inventor of ADHD’s deathbed confession ‘ADHD is a fictitious disease’ – David Icke Website…

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1 thought on “ADHD another hoax

  1. Blue Moon

    Here the great philosopher Lenny Bruce explains the medical shill- in 1959 no less- Try getting on TV today with this kind of rap-

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