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yahootumblrYahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1billion: Founder David Karp is next tech tycoon | Mail Online.

I am struggling to try and understand why these fake billionaires are being birthed by the media. Is it simply to say that anyone with a half-baked internet related idea can become Powerball rich?

The article is chock a block full of our , and sim-like photoshopping.

This is the second story in as many months of a rags to riches story sponsored by Yahoo! Is it the new money laundering internet corporation?

Anyone else see different angles to this swindle hoax?


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3 thoughts on “Another Zucker

  1. Blue Moon

    One other thing about kid billionaires- I don’t play Jew/Not a Jew but in this case it’s worth noting that some of these instant billionaires are geeky Jewish nerds who wear bathrobes and pajamas to meetings and seem to know the world solely through a video version of it- I’m of the opinion that a considerable amount of Nazi stolen loot was laundered through Silicon Valley which helped further develop a lot of Nazi computer technology after the war- It’s the goof of all time to see this Nazi backed tech boom fronted by these harmless dorks-(The political affiliations of Peter Thiel, primary backer of Facebook has also come under suspicion, vis a vis present day fascism)
    If you tell a big enough whopper, people will laugh instead of doubt- (paraphrasing from Mein Kampf)
    Here’s a link to the story of one Nazi who got caught, sort of-…

  2. Blue Moon

    He looks like a composite of James Holmes and Boom Boom Bauman and she’s a pint sized Liz Lemon, every geek’s dream girl- As for money laundering swindles, I was wondering if things like Bucks for Bauman and the like (have the donations for Bonesman Bosma started rolling in?) might be something else- I live in a rich, high tech town and know a few wealthy people- I know of only two people who have ever responded to a call for a handout- One was an on again/off again girlfriend who gave blood right after 911, and my best friend, a lawyer, who gave Jerry Brown, the on again/off again governor of California, a small campaign donation- Otherwise I don’t know anyone, rich or poor, who ever gave their hard earned pay (or blood) to strangers- They may be dupes for the emotional toll these psy-ops extract but they don’t open their wallets (caution with cash is a key component of becoming and staying rich) So I wondered that if there are only Vicsims and the survivors may likely be digital simulations, and no one of any real number is donating, are the reported donation cash hauls actually a money laundering scheme being practiced right out in the open? I wonder about this because that poisonous ‘how-to for aspiring criminals’ series Breaking Bad had a similar on-line donation swindle set up in one early episode to launder drug money- Just another example, along with how to run a successful mobile meth business, where the MSM lays it right out in plain sight as to how things work-

  3. maki pro

    It’s to bring people in who will be hopeful that they will rise up and be the next “ceo” or “big wig”, when they will be nothing more than a groundling/slave.
    There will be far more people who will want to work for Yahoo now, just because the name was attached to $1.1 billion and Tumblr.
    Incredibly stupid reasoning.
    People think that’s where the market is now, so they will run there in countless packs as usual.
    There will always be people putting out half-assed sites, hoping it’s the next Facebook, when it’s impossible.


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