Bosma word games

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A reader pointed out another piece of the puzzle. Hard to believe, if true, they overthink these games and add these little east eggs.

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I am B.S. myth too
Tam Tomboyish
Mat Tomboyish
A Tomboy Smith
A Mobs Timothy
Bah Misty Moot
Sahib Motto My
Habits Mom Toy
Habits Moot My
Habit Mom Toys
Habit Moms Toy
Habit Moots My
Bathos Omit My
Baht Misty Moo
Bath Misty Moo
Iamb Moths Toy
Iamb Moth Toys
Iamb Homy Tost

via Internet Anagram Server : Anagrams for: timothy bosma.

The other sim in this story, Dellen Millard, doesn’t appear to have any good ones. Check for yourself.…

Lad Mend El Rill
Lad Den Elm Rill
Lad End Elm Rill
Lad Nerd El Mill
Lad Nerd Ell Mil
Lad Nerd Elm Ill
Lad Rend El Mill
Lad Rend Ell Mil
Lad Rend Elm Ill


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