Psychic driving at a local level

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jung-collective-unconsciousThis is what I mean by a newspaper industry in decline. As I grabbed my unsolicited free paper off my porch, this is the degree of fear inducement I encountered:

Since mid-April, I’ve experienced a roller-coaster ride of emotions covering the deadly bombings, the miracle in Cleveland, which saw three kidnapping victims set free, and the week-long search for Tim Bosma, which ended with the discovery of the Ancaster man’s burned remains near Cambridge.

via Feeling unsafe in Niagara Falls | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

This columnist is most likely just a willing dupe, but even if he was aware of and our research, would he be able to publish it?

His editor doesn’t help with this headline:

Feeling unsafe in Niagara Falls

Reading the column leaves one with the impression that Niagara Falls, Ontario is like any other college town after dark – full of many young people who drink to excess and roam. That’s apparently what younger (men) have always done. That’s also how NF has always been as long as I’ve gone there. It does not lay out any evidence that it is in fact dangerous. Somebody following you? There’s thousands of people following at close quarters and one could get the impression someone was following them. It may even be true!

To equate Niagara Falls or mention it in even a slight way with three (!) ridiculous fear inducing is silly. Remember though that this is how these 0;events” are pounded into your subconscious, one trivial column at a time.

(image h/t Jan Erik)

English: Niagara Falls, NY skyline from Ontario

English: Niagara Falls, NY skyline from Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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