With him goes secrets

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Another piece if The Doors puzzle died with Ray. I contend The Doors were like The Beatles, either manufactured from the start or coopted.

Based on that, I’m not sure if Jim Morrison died as we are told, similar to McCartney.

0;Well, to me, my God, for anybody who was there it means it was a fantastic time,” Manzarek told The Republican in Massachusetts during an interview last year. “We thought we could actually change the world — to make it a more Christian, Islamic, Judaic Buddhist, Hindu, loving world. We thought we could. The children of the ’50s post-war generation were actually in love with life and had opened the doors of perception. And we were in love with being alive and wanted to spread that love around the planet and make peace, love and harmony prevail upon earth, while getting stoned, dancing madly and having as much sex as you could possibly have.”

Ray Manzarek, keyboardist and founding member of rock group The Doors, dies at 74 from cancer – Yahoo! News Canada ca.news.yahoo.com/publicist-ra…?.tsrc=samsungwn&.sep=table

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  1. anonjedi2

    This is hilarous! All these people who supposedly know Rick (nephew, brother, several friends) are online searching for hoax stories about Rick? They all just happen to stumble upon your Youtube video? What a joke! Nice work, Ab.

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