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How is this taken as real?

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Rob Ford in  crack cocaine  video scandal   Toronto StarRob Ford in ‘crack cocaine’ video scandal | Toronto Star.

Sorry for the local stories, but this one is too close to home, complete with the most obviously faked foolish imagery I don’t know why it’s even a story.

I circled Somali as they are the most recent immigrant group in Toronto. As such, they’re the chosen whipping boy of the media hoaxsters as they’re the least likely to fight back. For the record I know two Somalis who are working hard to support families and are taxpaying slaves like the rest of us. Aren’t the gov’t ops responsible for psyOps subject to the same political correctness as the rest of the bureaucracy?

There are so many problems with this clearly fake picture. Most unaware of media fakery have told me it can’t be Ford due to the lack of girth on his likeness. Ford is obese and the image is just of a large man. I’ve pointed out above snake eyes and a silly long finger on the left guy, with an odd three fingered hand on the right guy. Of course the pixelation is protecting no one, as I am sure they are poorly constructed sims.

In short, this story isn’t worthy of comment. While I’m not sure if the mayor is playing the right strategy here I can see why he doesn’t bother dignifying this blatant stupidity with any major response.

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