The point of the fake part

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Revelation of the method: in case the average slave wasn’t smart enough to know why the plane part was planted (oh, and they explain away the rope on the part too).

Thankfully, most of the country has at least begun to push through the healing process. The plane part is, in a way, symbolic of the effect still has on America. Even though it’s a decade in the past, there are small reminders: the controversy of the Islamic community center being built near Ground Zero, and missing family members and veterans of the wars that the incident precipitated.

For those affected that have begun to heal, the piece is undoubtedly a strong reminder of what caused their pain in the first place.

The recent Boston bombings provided another reminder, as well as a nationwide media frenzy. For Americans, terrorism as it was witnessed in Manhattan and Boston seems to be the most terrifying, deadly form of violence. The resulting manhunt and security alterations from both events were unparalleled, and reopening the investigation seems to reflect that.

via 9/11 Plane Part Discovery to Revive Heartache | Berkeley High Jacket.

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1 thought on “The point of the fake part

  1. simon shack

    My ‘favorite’ line of that Berkeley High School article:

    “How much can we extract from that horrific event? It happened more than a decade ago, and we know exactly who was responsible.”

    Although this other line made me laugh louder :

    “However, police later discovered that an officer had used the rope to move the part in order to look for a serial number, but left it behind.”

    Good grief… :-p

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