Bridge over troubled numbers

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Come on – they wouldn’t fudge this one would they? Isn’t there an easier way to get infrastructure money printed up by the Fed?

Perhaps not.

Banazir, get in your car right now and drive down to check this scene.

Oh wait, the area is closed off. Unless you were there, we all realize there is no way to verify ANY of this.

Sorry, I couldn’t help circle the . Coincidence I’m sure…we report, you decide.

‘Miracles’: 3 survive I-5 collapse | Local News | The Seattle Times

Bridge collapse caused by oversized truck hitting span.


at the 4:50 mark of the above video, a “witness” saw nothing and described a controlled demolition of the bridge. Of course this is witness of a witness information, so it is essentially .

Trooper says truck that caused I-5 bridge collapse in Wash. was hauling drilling equipment

Hard to believe a couple of banged up trusses could cause an entire section to slip perfectly and cleanly into the water. Someone should call Mullen Transport and see if they are playing along with the story.…

Our simWitness fell down with the bridge, dislocated his shoulder, called out for his wife, couldn’t hear her, popped his shoulder back in, rescued his wife, and of course is yapping about the whole event with nary a scratch on him.bridge2

Please sign him up for Iron Man 4.

Update: We are told that a Canadian truck hauling an oversize load (which requires permits and usually an escort) hit the bridge’s overpass trestles and knocked it down. Now, using critical thinking for a minute: Can at truck weighing 80-140K lbs, with say a maximum 100K lb payload, held with chains, make a bridge weighing millions of pounds move? Don’t you think the chains might break before the bridge moved?  Are there any civil engineers in the house? Of course, if you believe aluminum airplanes can take out 500,000 ton steel and concrete buildings, then this will be easy to believe.

This is what happens when a truck, or many trucks over many years, hits a bridge. Millions of youtubers know this.

Noticed a few floating cars in this video. Apparently the water is 8-15 feet deep, so why are the cars   floating or stuck in a fast moving river? This AP article has that anomaly covered, by saying they are resting on the collapsed bridge. They must be learning from the take-apart of the Sendai floating car disaster.…



How is it possible that an oversize permit could be issued on a route with no guarantees that the route has clearance? What is the point in the permit? Where are the pictures of the truck? Is the team still working on it? I ask you to think again: how can a truck with a mass of a tiny fraction of a bridge cause it to fail?

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