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Showtime: Saturday, May 25, 2013 9:11pm

youtuber Rollo, the week’s psyOps. We may even take the odd call from my new listeners, the youtube shills! Not sure if they work weekends, though.

Opening audio:

22 thoughts on “Ep42-Rollo

  1. Rollo

    I’m Honoured, Keep up the good work Ab & Simon 🙂
    Keep Fetzer in your sights, How Slimy is that guy?

  2. simon shack

    I enjoyed this show – and listening to Rollo. Hey, Rollo – thanks for your kind words. But if it’s true that I sound like Henry Kissinger, I guess I have only 2 options left:

    – Slit my wrists (or more appropriately, my throat)

    – Move to the USA (or to GB, or Australia) to brush up / brush away my accent.

    Not sure which option to choose right now. Will let you know




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