Tim Bosma Smich (Snitch?) story

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globe on bosmaPolice to charge second man with murder in Tim Bosma case – The Globe and Mail.

I doubt this story has many legs left, since the main impression of shock and awe has been achieved. The followup will be years in the making, with laws passed probably long before any of the go to trial.

Take the Luc Magnotta case as an example. While I haven’t looked into it is a case (although it sure fits the profile), it has been put off well into the future. What’s the holdup? This is a simple way for the public’s 24 hour memory to fade and ultimately ignore the case. The whittling of the public’s subconscious has been accomplished.


Another sim is captured!smich


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7 years ago

Here’s an update on the Bosma “Story” Man accused of killing Hamilton father now charged in two more deaths ca.news.yahoo.com/man-accused-… I couldn’t help but laugh @ :36 seconds of the vid, I still think he screwed up not once, not twice but thrice! – , it’s “snitch”(the PTB are so hilarious and lame all at the same time) a quote from the end of the vid- “…this investigation will continue all “3” matters, until the investigative leads have been exhausted…” Johnny Says – ” Lovely, continue wasting our tax dollars!, no worries though , members of “22” division are on… Read more »